P1 not a race class, the 1st Porsche FOUND!

The first Porsche built by Ferdinand, in 1898,was found in Austria in a warehouse since 1902 and now on its way to Stuttgart and the Porsche Museum.
Would you believe it was a Hybrid! Well not really, but was an electric vehicle.
The three-horsepower P1 (above), a glorified carriage weighing 2,977 pounds (1,103 of which was batteries), was built when electric cars were the rage and Ferdinand was 22. It had 12 speeds and could travel up to 49 miles on a charge — which would be OK numbers for an electric car today. It could reach 21 mph, and cruised at 15.

The P1 first hit the streets of Vienna in June of 1898. Then in September 1899, it took part in a 24-mile all-electric race in Berlin — and won by 18 minutes. It also came in first in efficiency.