McLaren F1 – Alonso accident

Fernando Alonso was involved in an on-track incident at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya  Spain on February 22nd and is making a solid recovery in a hospital to get ready for the next testing.

His car ran wide at the entry to Turn 3 – which is a fast uphill right hander – allowing it to run onto the Astroturf that is on the outside of the track.  The consequence of loss of traction caused instability spinning it back towards the inside of the circuit and struck the wall side-on.

Because of some gusty winds, that have affected other drivers, and not any mechanical failure or loss of aerodynamic pressure, loss of electrical discharge or irregularity of any kind occurred either before or after the incident.

The car data confirms that the car struck the inside concrete wall, first with the front

right wheel and then with its rear right with significant lateral impact, resulting In front upright and axle damage.

We  wish Fernando a quick and full recovery.

Watch for further updates.i

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