Walt’s Words – 02/20/2017

This week you were able to watch some of the New Nascar.  Yes NEW rules, NEW sponsor, New drivers and the start of the NASCAR season.

You will be be seeing not one long race but broken up into segments so that you can acquire points not only at the end of the race or at half way, but at the end of the other segements.

This will be interesting to see what the fans think about this new point system.

It it evident that this year will be enchanced competition between Chevrolet and Ford.  Ford has gone a long way to infiltrate some teams and drivers for the 2017 season,

It is just like what Porsche has done to Ferrari as they have just hired/acquired a multi year contract to bring Gionmaria Bruni away from Ferrari.


Started to test for Minardi in 2003 in F1 and join them for the 2004 season. He has also gained the 2013 and 2014 GT Drivers Titles in the FIA World Endurance Championship.  His break away from Ferrari forbids him to compete this year in the WEC and other events which may bring him to the IMSA Weathertech series as he can only start in July and testing for Porsche.

This just starts a new year and have to watch the changes as the season goes.

It is one month away from the 65th  12 hours of Sebring.  Testing is this Thursday and Friday.  So if you want to warm up in Florida in March for the 15th to the 18th, get down to SEBRING!  It is a GREAT RACE and a GREAT EVENT and you can see the start and finish for a endurance race all in one day.  24 hours is nice but 12 is great!  See you there!