Walt’s Weekly – 4/3/2016

The Haas F1 Team does it again.  Romain Grosjean places 5th in the F1 race at Bahrain this today in a night race. It was unfortunate that the other Hass F1 team car came into the pits and was retired, for what reason I do not know at this time, put great to see the American team do very well I their first two races.   Vettel in the Ferrari during his warm up lap to the grid blew the engine with a puff of smoke and he then pulled off the track.

Alonso did not race today as the F1 medical team informed the team that after xrays that he was not fit to drive today because of the accident in Australia where he broke several ribs and collapsed a lung.

Amazing racing to the first turn saw much carbon fiber flying in the air with several cars going into the pits for repairs or tires.  This also happened during the race as there was much more passing for places during this race as there has been in the past, which again brought more carbon fiber on the track with winglets falling off and damaged.

This week we also saw in NASCAR local Joey Logano, now driving for Penske, take his 3rd pole in a row.  He has been doing great with the Penske team.

Porsche and Audi introduced their Prototype cars for the 24 hours of Le Mans this week.

Will keep you updated on any new info as the next F1 race is China on the 16th of this month.

Drive safe and don’t Drive and Text, IT CAN WAIT!