Walt’s Weekly – 3/21/2016

Wow what a weekend at the Mobil 1/12 hours of Sebring Friday and Saturday along with great news from our American F1 team who came home at the Australian Grand Prix at their 1st F1 race with a 6th place.  They are calling it a win for them as their goal was to get 1 point.  If this is what they got on their 1st F1 race, what is to come this year or next.  It can only be greatness as they have performed admirably and what ever happens, happens and let us appreciate all their team efforts.

As much as we see it when the driver does well, let you be reminded that with a great TEAM that driver would not get anywhere.

Take for example at Sebring on Thursday the Michael Shank Racing Prototype crashed during night practice with extensive damage.  The team worked until 4:00am the next morning putting the car back together and then going out for qualifying and taking the pole.  OK, the driver was the winner for the pole, but if it wasn’t for that team effort to work together and put it all together for that drive for the Pole Position results.

OK back to Sebring where Friday was an overcast but sunny day and then came the rain, around 2:00pm, and it came down pretty hard with lightning that then they stopped the race for safety for all, the drivers, spectators, corner workers and those TV guys high on those extended metal platforms for all to see on TV.  It was overall a GREAT call.

Some 2 hours and 45 minutes later they started the race again after blowing and sweeping the course, then yellow flag laps with the field behind the pace car until the track cleared up pretty well.  The one good think being in Florida is the track drains to mostly sand and the sun and warmth help dry up the track, fans and everyone.

I don’t want to say much, but in the last year I have covered three races in the rain, Watkins Glen, Road Atlanta(Petit Le Mans and the worst with 4 days of rain) and now Sebring.  They say things happen in 3’s, therefore I hope not to see another rain soaked race for a while.

The race continued into the night with only some light showers until the end at 10:45pm.  All this brought an exciting and eventful race at Sebring.  With their 3.47 miles of track, 17 turns and many track surfaces as many say, a win at Sebring is a GREAT win.

The drivers and the cars take a great beating as there is only flat corners with no banking to help the corners.  Some 4 long straightaways and several long curves making this track stand out as SEBRING.

Let’s take a lap with Allan McNish back in 2012.

Some of my pictures to follow as I am still traveling with family and will be at the New York International Auto Show on Wednesday.