Walt’s Weekly – 2/21/2016

This week we have seen many race venues participate this weekend, some way or another.

Today we saw the NASCAR 500 at Daytona and Denny Hamelin and Toyota, both winning their 1st Daytona 500.

Also F1 saw many of the teams debut their cars for tomorrow’s 1st practice

Great exciting news and this was the closest Daytona 500 win by only .01 of a second, about 4 inches.  Hope we can see racing like this in F1 this year.

Starting to get busy as NASCAR gets into full swing along with Weather Tech SportsCar Championship, F1 and many other support race series and also the 100th running of the Indy 500.

WOW, what a great year coming up to those that like racing.

Look at the NEWS as Cadillac paints Johnny O’Connell’s race car RED.  Hope it’s not a mid life race car.

See you at a race and safe travels to all!

Remember NO DISTRACTED DRIVING and You can get to the end of your drives.