THE OLYMPICS, did you miss it!


The Winter Olympics have started in Pyeong Chang Korea where 70 % of the land is mountains.

We are watching the US Olympians compete against the best in the world in their specific event.

It has taken them years to achieve their appropriate skills and experience to get to this level.

And we all appreciate all that they have done to get to this level and now to be put to the challenge to have one chance to do their best.


But wait a minute.  Yes we appreciate that they have put all they have into their specific event, but isn’t that what is the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona.  We watch americans and other drivers from around the world drive these machines to their ultimate limit for HOURS at a time, using their arms, legs, eyes and experience to maneuver their cars along the track placing the wheels at precise points along the track to get the best lap times for not just one lap, but for hours at a time.

The culmination of their team members be the fastest at the end for a total of 24 hours, no matter what the weather.

You don’t think this classifies them as Olympians!  I do and appreciate all the teams efforts to make this event.

So here we have another Olympic event that many of us do not know of or think about!

So the next Olympic event is at Sebring International Raceway  where we will watch a 12 hour event happen.

So some thoughts for you to think about and come out to an Olympic event in March, 2018.