NASCAR Hall of Fame Inductees-class of 2019

At the NASCAR induction into the Hall of Fame for 2019 they are:

Jeff Gordon with team owners Jack Roush and Roger Penske and the drivers of the past of Alan Kulwicki ad Davey Allison.

Jeff Gordon with credentials of four NASCAR Cup Series championships and 93 wins.along with 477 top 10 finishes and 325 top-fives.

Also Jeff was at every NASCAR race between 1993 and 2015.

That amounts to 787 consecutive starts.

Jeff Gordon brought a young following to NASCAR when he started.

Jack Roush signed Mark Martin as his first driver and also an inductee along with Jack this year. Mark was with Jack 19 years.

It is quoted that Jack Roush is an engineer, a teacher a racing icon along with a business man wearing the hat

He has 322 victories across three national series

Roush has allways worked hard with his hands  Graduating from Berea College in Kentucky with a degree in math and a minor in physics and started to work for Ford when the Mustang debuted.

He then bought a blue and white interior Mustang and drove it for over 100,000 miles.  Mark Martin said that Jack gave people the tools and opportunity they never had before.


Alan Kulwicki’s team will reunite together again at the induction of what their coworker, boss, friend and inspiration is inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Joe Covington sair, “As far as I’m concerned, all of ’em’s my brothers and will be for life. Every time we are together, it’s like we’ve never been apart, other than we just get older and grayer.”

Also there is Davey Allison, a 19 race winner who also had passed away in an aviation accidient in 1993 like Kulwicki.

Then there is Roger Penske.  Roger Penske with his great team of people, was challenged to stay awake for Daytona’s 24 hour race. So for 24 hours straight he stayed on top of the pit stand watching the screens  last year.

Some younger than him did not make it but Roger did and but during this years Daytona 24 hour race Roger along with the cold and rain did it again.  So Roger, a man just shy of his 82nd birthday, during the heaviest rains and cold, came prepared with his ski coats and black beanies stuck it out for another Daytona race.   “He doesn’t even want to sit down, he’s just standing there and it’s crazy,” said Juan Pablo Montoya, “and that is why he’s the big man and we are not.”

Ricky Taylor even said, “I could never do that, I could never stay up.”

Penske leads by example with high standard and a commitment of excellence.  He is a very personable person that many people do not know.  Many want to work for this man, Roger Penske.

Another icon of racing.

Congratulations to all of the inductees!

Watch as NASCAR starts a new season soon!