TODAY! The Rolex 24 hours of Daytona! TODAY TV!

With 20 Prototype, 9 GT Le Mans and 21 GT Daytona cars there will all types of action to watch!

Watch these international drivers from GT, NASCAR, IndyCars, F1 series all look for the win and that Rolex !

I prefer being there but there are times when you can’t, so watch it this Saturday and Sunday.

It actually starts today at 2:40pm til Sunday at 2:40pm.

Watch on TV:

2:00pm to 5:00pm EST on FOX

5:00pm to 10:00pm EST FOX Sports 2

11:00pm tp 1:00am EST Fox Sports 1


8:00am to 10:30am EST Fox Sports 2

10:30am to 3:00pm EST Fox Sports 1

or if you can’t see it of can’t record it, it can be watched Saturday, February 10th:

8:00am to 10:30am EST Fox Sports 1