IMSA Penalties!!!


This week IMSA had announced that there were penalties being handed to the Lamborghini manufacturer and the teams.

The manufacturer was handed a $25,000 penalty along with team penalties of 5 minutes added to their overall times at the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona.

This did not take away the win, because with the added time it still made them the winner, but several other teams, #11, #16, #21, #28,#48 all were given the penalty along with loss of championship and North American Endurance Championship points and Manufacturer points.

The reason, basically ‘sandbaging’.  There overall speed compared to testing previously, while pulling the engines of the Lamborghini cars verified, along with a complantant that had noticed a little difference in the engine compartment, the air box, had given the engine an added boost of some 40 horsepower.

Who said they are not watching! We will have to see what happens at Sebring.